Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

White Water Rafting In Bali, English Speaking Guide and Driver

White Water Rafting wherever it takes place in the world is exciting, challenging, and enjoyable.

Ayung River, Central Bali

That's no exception in Bali where one of our most beautiful rivers, Ayung river, cascades through a deep ravine, providing an excellent water adventure for tourists.

The stunning natural scenery is part of the experience, and the river provides excitement and some challenging rapids.

All in all, white water rafting in Bali will provide an unforgettable experience, photographic opportunity, and memory from your vacation in Bali.

Blast From The Past

Sorting through my archives, I found this blast from the past, although the photo is older now, you can see how it captures the fun and enjoyment of rafting in Central Bali.  

English Speaking Guide

Let me assist you in setting up your white water rafting experience in Bali.  I'm an English speaking, experienced guide and driver, and I know my way around this amazing Island. I'd like to make your holiday be unforgettable.

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