Senin, 13 Februari 2017

Ubud's Monkey Forest: Balinese Guide and Driver Services

The tropical Balinese rainforest provides a perfectly cool environment for monkeys to live in comfortably. Here a group of Macaca fascicularis enjoys relaxation time by grooming each other in the famous Ubud Monkey Forest.

More than 200 long tailed monkeys live in the forest. But they are divided into three strictly separate groups. Each group has its area and schedule. Outsider monkeys are not tolerated, and if a monkey from one group shows up at the wrong time and in the wrong place, you can be sure that a fight will follow.

No trip to Ubud is complete without a visit to the Monkey Forest, to see its monkeys and the beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

I would love to be your guide and show you the wonders of Bali’s famous Monkey Forest.
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