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Made Suba is a wonderful tour guide who enabled us to share his passion and knowledge for the Balinese culture. He is very kind and informative and was able to answer all of our questions about Balinese culture and traditions. On our trip to Bali, he showed us some of the major Balinese sites, informing us on the history, culture and importance of each with great clarity and wisdom. He taught us more than we could ever hope to learn, and we greatly enjoyed our day trips with him. He goes beyond the role of a driver, taking great interest in us and all that he shares with us. We will definitely be organizing to meet with him again on our next trip to Bali .
 The Young Family, Australia 

Made's direction when I was in Bali was the best part of my experience.  He is kind, knowledgeable and wise made this foreigner feel comfortable and culturally aware.  He is passionate about Bali's spirituality.  He was so much more than a tour guide or driver, I learned a lot from him. 
Kevin Krage, Santa Rosa, USA

Made Suba is an extraordinary guide with advanced knowledge of Bali's culture and religion.  He is honest, trustworthy, attentive and kind.  I wholeheartedly recommend him for any traveler who wants to see beyond tourism, into the heart of Bali.
Edward Viljoen, Author of Ordinary Goodness

This is my first visit to Bali and Made Suba helped learn how to properly participate at the temple in a respectful way.  He has been a great guide.  He taught me a lot more than what I could read up on the internet.
Tyler Hunsaker, Sebastopol, USA

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  2. We decided to visit Bali with my husband and spend some alone time (away from our children!) We stayed in Nusa Dua and with recommendation from our friends, we called Made Suba for help. He became our guide , our tutor and our friend in Bali. He is a professional gentleman with indepth knowledge and ready to answer questions beyond history, everyday normal life, rituals, family life, schools, meals, any question you have about Balinese society. We were very happy to meet this trustworthy and patient person. We kept in touch and we hope to call him again when we go to Bali - with our children - next time!
    Elif Ture