Selasa, 26 September 2017

Is It Safe To Drink The Water in Bali?

There are many thing that you have to be careful of drinking when you are travelling to Bali.  One of them is water.

When l was young kid, l lived in the mountain village named Kintamani. I used to drink water straight from the underground spring.  For me it was no problem.  But today, that under ground spring feeds houses, villas, and hotels, and it has become polluted.

Now I have to boil the water that comes from the spring to my house through my tap.  Boiling the water typically kills all the bacteria.  Then I keep it cold for drinking.

For travelers, it's best to drink bottled water only.  Brush your teeth with bottled water.  Try not to let the water from your bath or shower into your mouth.  Tourists usually don't have the option of boiling their water before consuming, like I do.  So please don't drink the tap water and stick to water you buy in a bottle.

I am an English Speaking, local Balinese driver and guide.  I'd love to help you have a great visit to the Island of the Gods

Senin, 28 Agustus 2017

The Beautiful Floating Temple of Mengwi Village: Taman Ayun

Mengwi Village is the home to one of Bali's best-loved places, Taman Ayun Temple.  The name, Taman Ayun means beautiful, floating garden, and that is exactly what you'll find when you visit. Surrounded by two ponds, the temple appears to float on the water.

Taman Ayun was built by the King of Mengwi, I Gusti Agung Putu in the year 1634.  It is divided into three courtyards.  the outer court yard can only be entered through the square pond park with nine fountains called the Cani Bentar.  The nine fountains symbolize Dewata Nawa Sanga, the nine central Gods of Balinese Hinduism. 

Taman Ayaun is also known as Royal Family Temple of Mengwi.  The inner court yard features shrines, one of which is for the honor and worship of the deities of the King's ancestors.

I would love to help arrange your visit to Mengwi Village.  I am an English Speaking, local Balinese guide, and driver.

Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

Bali, Nusa Dua's Fantastic, Fun Outdoor Activities

Nusa Dua is one of the well-known tourist areas in Bali with five stars hotels and also the exciting sea activities, fun with a great challenge for everyone who joins this sport.

Nusa Dua offers you many fantastic activities: jet skiing, banana boat, fly fishing, snorkeling, parasailing, diving, fishing, glass bottom boat, and the amazing Turtle Island tour.

If you would like to know more about any of these activities, I would be happy to help you.

I'm an English speaking, local Balinese, driver, and guide, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Rabu, 26 Juli 2017

Stunning Water Gardens: Tirta Gangga, the holy waters of the Ganges, in Bali!


One of the powerful kingdoms in Bali is Karangasem.  This kingdom was ruled by King Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem who built the famous Tirta Gangga water palace in the year 1948.

Tirta means holy water and gangga is taken from the name of India's holy river, the Ganges.This water palace was a place for the royal family to relax, welcome and entertain important guests of the surrounding kingdoms.

Today, the water gardens are open to the public.  Visitors can have a swim in the very refreshing spring water that comes up from the ground under a banyan tree.  This beautiful garden with is sprint water pools, is surrounded by charming views, and rice paddy fields.

Take notice of the park architecture.  It's a splendid blend of European, Chinese, and traditional Balinese styles.

My name is Made, and I'd love to be your English speaking, local Balinese driver, and guide.  Contact me for information about other excellent sites to see in Bali.

Rabu, 05 Juli 2017

Visitors Are Amazed By These Ancient Tomb Temples

It's a bit of a walk down many stairs, but when you get to the bottom, what you see is amazing: The Royal Tomb Temple of Gunung Kawi.

This photo shows the royal candi where devotees pay respect to King Udayana and his family.

King Udayana and his queen, Gunapriya Darmapatni had three sons:

Airlangga (enthroned in Java) , Marakata and Anakwungsu.

King Udayana was replaced by Marakata and Marakata was replaced by Anakwungsu.  A Royal family indeed.

A visit to this sprawling holy place is well worth it.  But be sure to take water, and a sarong because wearing one is required to visit the holy place.

I'm an English speaking, local Balinese guide and driver with extensive knowledge about the history and spirituality of Bali.  I'd love to take you to amazing places of interest.

Selasa, 20 Juni 2017

Balinese Names and Caste System - by an English Speaking Local Balinese Guide and Driver


Names can tell you a lot in Bali.  Importantly, each of the four traditional names tells you whether a person was born first, second, third, or fourth in the family.  But there is more.

My whole name is I Made Suba.

You can call me Made (pronounced Mah-day.)  I have three brothers and one sister, and my name tells you I was the second born son in our family.  Everyone with the name Made -- and there are many of us -- was the second born.

Wayan is for the first born child,
Made is second born, and
Nyoman is for the third born.
Finally, Ketut  is for the fourth born child.

Notice the "I" in the name.  I is the title for a son, and Ni is the title for a daughter.

Easy right?  Not so fast.  These names are for the children born into the Sudra caste.  We have four castes in Bali:

Wesya, and

And as you can guess, different names are used in different castes.  More about that another time.

Best regards,
I Made Suba

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Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

Historical Bali, The Former Powerful Kingdom of Klungkung with English Speaking Driver and Guide


My name is Made, pronounced Mah-Day.  I am a local English speaking Balinese driver and guide and I would love to show you some of the historical sites on our island.

Kertah Gosa is one of them.  It is located in the regency of Klungkung of the former powerful kingdom located there.  This building was created in approximately 1700 by the King of Klungkung, I Dewa Agung Jambe.

Kertha means prosperity, jurisdiction, and penalization, and Gosa means the place to discuss.  So you can imagine that this place was used for some pretty important discussions about the prosperity and justice of Bali.

When the Dutch colonized this regency, the building took on different functions as a court of justice.  Notice the interesting decorations on the ceiling, they depict the famous shadow puppets of Bali.

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